Welcome to Soundings, an online platform that discusses policy matters affecting British Muslims. Through it we invite and present thoughtful perspectives on critical issues facing Muslims in the UK from writers, activists, artists and academics.

This online journal is published by the Research and Documentation Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain.

There are two editions of Soundings currently available:

Responding to Prevent 2011

Our currently ongoing series offering Accessible and informed critical comment for those wanting to make up their own minds about the approach, assumptions, priorities and impact of the government’s revised Counterterrorism policy: Prevent 2011  Read it here

Beyond Race and Multiculturalism?

A series of critical comments and reflections contributed to the MCB’s ReDoc online Soundings platform between October and December 2010 in response to Prospect magazine’s October 2010 feature dossier ‘Rethinking Race’  Read it here